Scavenger Run Tee (Women's)


**WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, free CM patch with any T shirt purchase**

All that remains of the infamous Classified Moto Scavenger Run of 2012 is this shirt. And a poster. And some seriously disturbing memories.

It's hard to find anyone who will even admit to participation, much less give details of what went wrong. But hindsight being 20/20 and all, it's safe to say the whole thing was a terrible idea, not likely to be repeated.

That said, there's no harm in sporting this high quality garment so that we might never forget.

With artwork by the dashing and smashing Anthony Menez (organizer of the annual Zombie Walk here in Richmond, VA), this white and blood red on black girlie tee is perfect for any occasion — appropriate for none.

This tri-blend tee has a lightweight, vintage feel and is specifically tailored for the female form.

Hmmm, what else to say about this shirt...

It's haunted. Get one!