"Tania & the Yamazuki" Limited Edition Poster


Classified Moto is blessed to work with a handful of world class designers, photographers and cinematographers to interpret our bikes and everything we love about them. This hand-pulled, signed and numbered poster features our 1982 Yamaha XS650 Special equipped, Classified style with a modern front end off a late model Suzuki RMZ dirt bike. It looks and sounds like nothing else.

Photographed here by the bike's owner Adam Ewing, the Classified Moto Yamazuki gets a little kick from our pal Tania and a killer throwback treatment from designer Adam Stockton.

You should probably put one on your wall until you're ready to take the plunge on your own Classified Yamazuki. Or Yamasaki. Or Kawaguzzi...

Posters measure 26" x 40" on 100-lb cover weight Speckletone paper. And they're actual hand-pulled screen prints, not color printer sheets. Super high quality with a limited run of 50 for this design.

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