Moto Build Request


So you want to pull the trigger on a Classified Moto build and reserve your spot on the waiting list. Nice!

Best thing to do first is CLICK HERE for a post from our blog that outlines our pricing structure and philosophy.

If your hand is still in the thumbs-up position, read on and take the first official step towards ownership here with a Moto Build Request.

Here at Classified Moto we try to design bikes that blend our aesthetic with the owner's personality based on a pretty extensive back-and-forth. It's a time consuming process and not at all like going down to the Honda dealer and asking for a brochure.


The $500 USD fee will cover our time to concept and estimate your build, and it will reserve your spot on the waiting list. It also includes a large format 24"x18" exhibit-quality printout of your dream bike complete with build specs and handwritten notes.

The $500 will be credited to your build, provided you initiate it by an agreed-upon date. Seems fair enough, right?

BEFORE YOU ORDER, here's a little about our approach to creating alt-moto customs.

At Classified, we don't claim to be the undisputed kings of all things motorcycle. Nor do we claim to deliver pristine trailer queens. It's safe to say that the bikes we've built so far are a good representation of what we love to do — take older, unloved bikes and make them rugged works of rolling art that are meant to be ridden.

We have a tiny shop and a tiny crew. We don't build all that many bikes, so the ones we build have to "feel" Classified. We do our best to make sure everyone stays happy throughout the build process, but we'll almost surely encounter differing opinions along the way.

This Moto Build Request helps manage expectations. The idea is to settle on a solid direction and work from there to create your trusty moto. We do leave room for creative explorations, since some of the best ideas happen as we see the bike start coming together.

Step 1: Email me at or call 804.512.9782 to tell me your hope and dreams for the build — any make/model preferences, bikes we've done that you like, other inspirations, riding requirements, budget restraints, etc.
Step 2: Based on your input, I'll suggest a couple of directions (e.g., XV920R with Triumph single-sided swing arm, large tank and sport bike forks)
Step 3: If you're okay with that direction, place your order and I'll begin working on your mockup and estimate.

From there, we'll make a payment and build schedule. We'll set an initiation date on which your first installment (one third of the total build estimate) will be due. Once you make your first payment, we'll be off to the races.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. I know it' a lot to consider, but it's kind of a big deal! We think you'll be stoked with the process and finished product.


NOTE: If you are ordering from outside the USA and don't see your shipping listed, email me and I'll figure out postage for your print.

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