NOTE: Please (pretty please) read the following info closely before ordering. You are buying a custom motorcycle that costs more than a lot of cars, so you should know everything there is to know about it. Thanks! —CM

Recently, we built a bike for the amazing Katee Sackhoff and delivered it to her in LA for the Velocity Network series "Cafe Racer". When photos of it hit the motosphere nearly a year ago, we got inundated with orders for similar builds. As a result, the build queue has been closed for several months as we catch up on orders.

We're opening the queue briefly to accept a limited number of builds based on the Honda Enduro platform. We will be offering them in two trim levels — KT600 and KT675.

The KT600 is for all practical purposes a replica of Katee's original Classified build. The KT675 is based on her second bike.

KT600: Built on a 1980s Honda XL600R platform, this bike is a radical concoction with a utilitarian flair. It features a Triumph single-sided swing arm, inverted modern sport bike front end (Kawasaki or Yamaha), a 1970s Honda CB350 fuel tank and custom stainless exhaust. Plus a lot of awesome special features. The stock Honda 600cc single is rebuilt, frame and components powder coated and/or nickel plated. This bike is KICK START ONLY and is recommended for riders who are used to kickin' it. Getting the feel for kicking over a big single can take some time. Once you get it, though, you've got it. $24,000 USD.

The KT675 is a significantly upgraded evolution of the original. Based on a 2000s Honda XR650L, this bike features a 675cc higher compression big bore kit, DUCATI single-sided swing arm, larger fuel tank, inverted modern sport bike front end and custom undertail stainless exhaust. As described, this one starts at $27,000 USD. We're currently developing a turbo version. It will cost more.

OPTIONS: For this round of builds, the two bikes are being offered as nearly exact replicas of Katee's machines. However, there are a few ways to modify certain aspects of the bike to better suit your personal preferences without affecting the cost. For the purposes of this explanation "Standard" indicates the default specification. The other choices are options but they don't cost more.

BARS: Either bike can be equipped with EITHER clip-on style bars (standard on the KT600) OR more upright low-rise handlebars (standard on the KT675).

TANK: Either bike can be equipped with EITHER a simple 1970's era Honda CB360T tank (standard on the KT600. The larger, curvier 1980s era CB400T-style tank is only available on the KT675.

HEADLIGHTS: The KT600 can be equipped with either the twin symmetric dual round headlights (standard) or a single 5.75" round Bates-style light. The KT675 can be equipped with dual headlights — amber & clear — (standard), KT600-style symmetric dual round lights, OR a single 5.75" round Bates-style light.

FORK COLOR: Either bike can be equipped with choice of gold (standard) or black fork tubes.

SWINGARM: The KT675 comes standard with a Ducati single-sided swing arm and wheel. If you prefer the wheel style of the KT600 (we will use the Triumph Sprint ST arm that comes standard on that bike. The Triumph arm is somewhat heavier. The bike cost remains the same with this choice. We do not offer the Ducati arm on the KT600.

TIRES: Both bikes are offered with a Dunlop (rear)/Metzeler (front) tire combination. This is a full street setup. If you like a more aggressive dual sport tire, we can accommodate you. There is a limited number of choices that fit the bill in both looks and handling and fitment. But we'll send over a choice or two based on your request and you can decide if it works for you.

DELIVERY TIME: Build times for this round will range from six to 18 months depending on your place in the queue. We look at the date and time of the Request and determine your number accordingly. The lower your number, the shorter your build time (unless you prefer it to take longer). Because of we can work more efficiently on 10 similar bikes than we can on 10 completely different ones, the build times will probably err on the lower side, but please use the above range when considering whether to purchase. That said, these bikes are highly modified machines and with that comes any number of unforeseen obstacles. Obviously we can’t release the bike until it’s right, so in these cases your patience is greatly appreciated. We’re all working for the same goal of you being super stoked.

PAYMENTS: Hopefully it is clear that the $500 Build Request fee is simply a deposit to secure your place in the queue. It also gets you a large print of the bike you are buying. (Inevitably there are those who will think they just bought a $27,000 custom bike for $500. They would be mistaken.) Once you have paid your $500 Request fee, you will need to be prepared to put down half of the balance immediately (officially, within two weeks). That should give us plenty of time to work out any build particulars and payment arrangements. The $500 fee will be credited back to your build. However, if you simply change your mind and don’t want to proceed with the build, or don’t put your half-down deposit as agreed, you will forfeit the $500 and your build will be cancelled. You can keep the poster.

Assuming your build continues as planned, the remaining balance will be due in two equal installments at the midpoint and end of the build.

You can probably tell these stipulations are based on past experiences. We don’t want to sound like bankers here, but we need to make sure we’re all on the same page.

SHIPPING: Shipment of the completed bike is ultimately the responsibility of the buyer. Domestic rates, in our experience, rarely exceed $700. Your mileage may vary. International purchasers will need to be familiar with any tax/tariff/customs regulations that deal with importing a custom motorcycle from the USA. We will help in any way we can, but again, responsibility is with the buyer. We are located in Richmond, Virginia, USA, if you’d like to get initial quotes through the shipper of your choice.

FINAL THOUGHTS BEFORE YOU BUY: This is a special offering of two specific KT variants. If you want something different, never fear. We’ll open the queue again when we feel we have made sufficient progress on these bikes and the ones already in progress. When we open it again, we will include some more variety at a wider range of prices. Clearly, this is a serious purchase for a particular kind of enthusiast. Please just think it through before making your decision. And if you have questions, feel free to contact us to clarify. There’s no shame in backing off the throttle if you’re not feeling 100 percent comfortable.

Thanks, and we hope to have you in the saddle very soon.

For info, contact Or call 804.912.1602.

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