Genuine Classified Billet Intakes


One of our favorite customization platforms is the 1991-2003 Honda CB750 Nighthawk. And since our designs caught the eye of the hit TV series THE WALKING DEAD on AMC, we’ve had lots of requests for parts for that bike.

A few years ago, we developed these custom billet aluminum intakes with our fabricator buddy Seth Ingham, as an alternative to the factory airbox or unpredictable cone filters. We designed them from the ground up, tweaking them along the way until we were all stoked with the performance and look.

Now you can get yourself a set for your own Nighthawk project — apocalyptic or otherwise.

Sold in pairs, they come with top-quality silicone boots and stainless clamps, and they use standard air filter foam to make tuning easy.

They work great, look great and — for those of you who put stock in that kind of thing — they’re the genuine, not-ripped-off-by-the-guys-down-the-street article.