Eco Moto Print Series 1


Behold the CB250 Mohawk. The KT600. The CM185 Tiny Moto.

Today’s the day to treat yourself or your favorite moto person to some environmentally friendly art. The first series of many to come, this set of three screen printed Classified Motos was hand drawn by the amazing Kristy Heilenday right here in Richmond.

Each drawing is screen printed onto recycled cardboard box sections. And by recycled, we mean straight up unpacked of motorcycle parts, dusted off and cut into squares for printing. We completely skip the whole squash-it-into-a-pulp-and-turn-it-back-into-cardboard process.

Each panel is hand numbered by series and print just in case anyone of us ever gets famous. They measure 10” x 10” and can be framed or simply hung on the wall in raw. Just like everything else that moves through our shop, you can expect slight imperfections. You can probably also expect to find hidden messages, grocery lists and perhaps secret sketches of the next great CM starter relay mount.

Collect ‘em all, as they say.

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