CM Aluminum Upper Triple Clamp (Nighthawk 750-to-R6)


It's back. But with changes to availability and our policy. So read carefully, please!

Overwhelmingly, we sell the most of these upper clamps to people who are swapping a Yamaha R6 front end onto a 1992-2001 Honda Nighthawk 750. That is most certainly because people are building their own Walking Dead replica bikes and want them to have the correct and genuine Classified Moto upper clamp.

YOU CAN NOW PURCHASE the Nighthawk 750-to-R6 clamp — WITH OR WITHOUT our swap — for the price listed above.

NOTE: You can also order without contacting us if you're doing one of the following swaps: 1. Yamaha XV920-to-R6 2. Honda XR650L-to-R6.

If you're doing a swap using a different bike, front end or both, please email for availability. We can do some research and give you a quote. In some cases, the price will remain the same, but will usually increase, sometimes dramatically. If this sounds unreasonable, ask a trusted machinist to explain why it is not.

NOTE: If you would like to place a new order for the complete triple tree swap plus custom upper, please see "Classified Moto Triple Tree Swap" listing.

If you contact us about a unique conversion, please include basic details of the project (i.e., bike info and front end info — year, make and model).