NOTE: Package pricing for swaps that INCLUDE A CUSTOM UPPER CLAMP are for the Nighthawk 750-to-Yamaha R6 combination only. If you're ordering a swap for a different combo and want a custom upper, please email staff@classifiedmoto.com for a quote. Certain combos are available at the same price if we have made one recently. Others will cost more. Thanks.

"How do I put one of those cool front ends on my bike?"

Ever since our first XS850-to-R6 swap hit the motosphere, we've received hundreds of emails asking that same simple question. We've answered it so many times that we joked we would put the instructions on a T-shirt and sell it for $100.

Instead, we feel that our triple tree swap/exchange is the best of all worlds and is the safest, most hassle-free way of getting the job done. In short, it's the simplest way to do something that is doggone complicated.

This service covers literally thousands of potential swap combinations, allowing you to put almost any modern inverted (USD) sport bike or motocross-style fork on your older bike. You'll be bolting on decades worth of suspension and braking improvements in no time.

And your trusty motorbike will be rockin' a decidedly Classified Moto look. Yes, indeed.

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS. After obtaining a modern front end (we get ours from salvage yards and off eBay from highly rated sellers) you will need to send us the following items:

1. Your bike's lower triple tree (the part with the stem in it)
2. Your new front end's lower triple tree
3. Your new front end's upper triple tree yoke

That's it. There's no need to send fork tubes, brakes, controls or any other bits that might have come with your new front end. (The only possible exception is bearings. See below.)

All parts must be in good shape, with no damage to components or threads. Pack them extra carefully so there's no metal on metal action. All common sense stuff here. You should be able to send everything to us Priority Mail Flat rate for under $25.

After checkout, please send your parts to:

Classified Moto
3517 Floyd Ave
Box 7068
Richmond, VA 23221-1042

*Please include basic details of the project (i.e., bike info and front end info — year, make and model).

We will then do our hocus pocus and return to you a set of hybrid triples ready to bolt on to your bike.

BEARINGS: Your new hybrid triples will require tapered roller-style bearings made to fit YOUR BIKE, not your new front end. If you order from a third party, be sure to get the right ones. We offer All-Balls-brand upgrade kits to fit most bikes for $42. If you purchase a set from us we can press the lower bearing onto your stem free of charge in most cases. (Some bearing sets come with a choice of spacers which can only be measured properly with the bike present. In these cases you'll have to install the lower bearing yourself.)

PLEASE DO NOT SEND THIRD PARTY BEARINGS WITH YOUR TRIPLES. We can't install them unless they were purchased through us. If you want to purchase bearings from us, select "Swap With Bearings" at checkout and let us know the year, make and model of your bike.

TIMING: We're usually able to turn these around pretty quickly, but depending on workload, it can take four weeks or more. In those rare, emergency front end swap situations, we can arrange for a rush order for additional charges.

OPTIONS: Please see drop down menu to add new bearings and/or custom upper triple clamp (Nighthawk-to-R6 only) to you order.

SHIPPING: We DO ship to all countries even if the site says we don't. That "no-ship" message appears if we have not calculated postage for a particular country. If you don't see your country listed, just email us and we'll add it.

As ever, if you have questions about this swap or other projects, we're happy to help if we can. Email us through this site or send to john@classifiedmoto.com.

Now go get to swappin!