Classified Moto Tiny Tees


There's pretty much nothing cooler than a little tiny kid wearing a motorcycle shirt. With that fact established, behold the Classified Moto Tiny Tee.

With the population explosion, it's highly likely you have a niece, nephew, grandkid or unexpected younger sibling on the way. And now you know the perfect gift.

We commissioned artwork by the super soulful and talented Richmond, Virginia artist Kristy Heilenday to illustrate some posters for us. Her early sketches had a childlike quality to them that made us think — TINY TEES!

These 100% cotton Tees, come in sizes for children one year through about five or six. But symbolically, they work great for newborns, too. So don't take it too literally.

The pink one features, appropriately, our CM185 'Tiny Moto', and the gray one sports our second tiniest bike the Classified CB250 'MoHawk' — a fun little Honda NightHAWK with Ducati MOnster forks.

Select a size and style below and help advance the next generation of motokind.

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