Commissioned by a tattoo studio in Maryland, we liked this table so much, we decided to offer it for sale. One of these days, we picture 20 or 30 of them adorning our new bike studio and café. Could happen sooner than you think.

Built from recycled Japanese moto components from the '70s and '80s, this sturdy little piece of two-wheeled goodness stands 36 inches high and approximately 34 inches in diameter.

The wooden top is covered in handsome brushed copper and finished with a punched steel bezel that allows the copper to show through on the sides.

The legs are made from brushed chrome fork tubes that support a trio of matching springs and shock absorbers which attach beneath the table top. Transmission gears serve as feet on this no-wobble design.

Whether you have a bachelor pad to spruce up or a whole restaurant to outfit, this table kinda rocks.

Each table is made from available parts — parts that have spent many thousands of miles on America's highways, byways and trails. Expect some dings, dents and other badges of honor underneath the classic Classified finish. And like all Classified stuff, these tables are signed and numbered.

Shipping is by quote, so feel free to contact us before ordering and we'll calculate for your zip code. Also, ask us about discounts for multiple units.

Pull up a seat, folks. This thing has your name all over it.

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