Build Queue Request: SuperTracker XD/XU


Once again, the Classified Moto Build Queue has gone LIVE. It will remain open until we fill our allotment of six XR650L “SuperTrackers” in either XD or XU trim.

The SuperTracker is an experiment for us in that we’ll be using a BRAND NEW Honda XR650L as the basis of the project — zero miles (except whatever we need to test it), factory fresh and completely Classified.

Named for its super moto and street tracker characteristics, this low-slung bundle of fun is sure to be a blast. All the power and torque of the rock-solid thumper power plant, without having to balance on your tippy toes. Slide it, wheelie it, whip it around town or cruise the interstate if that’s your thing. It’s built to be a practical, versatile piece of rolling art that could serve as your daily rider or Classified showpiece.

Choose from Utopian (XU) or Dystopian (XD) trim to fit your whims. The XU package features a nickel plated fuel tank and other bracketry, with the cleanest components we can muster. The XD package features all the character a modern apocalypse brings to bear. Rust and road wear never looked so good. It’s not for everyone, but damn, it looks cool and is sealed with clear powder coating to preserve the look without letting it get out of hand.

Regardless of the trim spec, the price is $26,500 USD. At this point, we have to say that the bike and/or pricing might not be to your liking, but nevertheless the bike is to our liking and the price is that which makes it feasible for us to offer it. It is non-negotiable, in other words. (That’s all the time I will spend defending the price to those who have an issue, I promise.)

Here’s how payments are handled normally. Most buyers wire funds, but we’re open to other forms of payment. Buyer is responsible for any associated fees. Once you have purchased the $500 Build Queue Request fee (applied to your overall cost), you will need to be prepared to half the balance immediately (officially, this means within two weeks). That is plenty of time to work out any build particulars and payment arrangements. However, if you change your mind and don’t want to proceed with the build, or don’t pay your half-down deposit as agreed, you forfeit your deposit.

Also, and this evidently requires stating — if you pay the deposit with the intent of purchasing something different than what is being offered, be prepared to forfeit your deposit. We do our best to accommodate personal preferences within reason, but we are offering these particular bikes at this particular time for various reasons. If you have requests, it doesn’t hurt to ask, but please don’t assume this is a “blank slate” kind of build queue. If you have requests or questions, let us know BEFORE you put down the deposit.

Assuming your build continues as planned, the remaining balance will be due in three equal installments — two during, and one at the end of the build. This queue is a little different than previous ones because we’re using a brand new bike as the platform. Because roughly $7000 of your downpayment will go straight to buying the donor bike, we’ll run out of build funds sooner than normal. More frequent payments will allow us to continue making progress.

Shipment of the completed bike is ultimately the responsibility of the buyer. Domestic rates, in our experience, rarely exceed $700. Your mileage might vary. International buyers will need to be familiar with any tax/tariff/customs regulations that deal with importing a custom motorcycle from the USA. We will help in any way we can, but again, responsibility is with the buyer. We are located in Richmond, Virginia, USA, if you’d like to get initial quotes through the shipper of your choice.

Estimated build time is 7-12 months and varies depending on your place in the queue. If you absolutely must have it sooner, we can discuss a rush arrangement.

This is a special offering of two unique Classified Moto bikes. It’s a serious purchase for a serious buyer. We are a tiny four-person operation and we really do our best to keep everyone happy. That said, our builds are not made in a factory with robots and air conditioning and plastic molding machines. They are functioning pieces of art, prototypes vehicles, reimagined machines. You have to be okay with that or none of us will enjoy the experience.

So, there’s the scoop. If you want to have a go, add this Build Request to your cart and check out. If not, maybe grab a tee shirt or better yet, a poster — that’s 17 Classified Moto builds for $20. The choice is yours!

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