The perpetually-anticipated Classified Moto Build Queue has gone LIVE once again. This time — eight slots for a CB750-based menace nicknamed "The Crow".

Please (pretty please) read the following info closely before ordering. You are buying a custom motorcycle. It's a big-ticket item, so you should know everything there is to know about it!

[Speaking of which, you'll notice the price on this listing is $500 USD. That is a good faith, non-refundable deposit to reserve your place in the queue. The bikes in this offering range from $17,000 USD to $18,300. If you have any thoughts that you will be receiving a fully customized motorcycle for $500, please put down your computing device and kick it away from you. Remain calm and wait for help to arrive. Your optimism has crossed over into madness.]

Otherwise, read on! We'll start with the basics of "The Crow" and then cover how the process works.

Based on the Honda CB750 Nighthawk produced from 1991 to 2003 here in the U.S., this rugged and nimble hellion has Classified Moto written all over it. (Not literally, mind you.) Bare metal, chunky tires, a splash of stainless mesh and of course a modern sport bike front end. It looks mean. It sounds great. It performs like a boss. And it feels more like a factory model than a mad scientist's creation. Pure fun on the pavement or off.

Donor: Honda CB750 Nighthawk (1992-2002)
Front end: Yamaha YZF-R6 (black) with CM Triple Tree swap and custom billet upper clamp
Front wheel: Yamaha YZF-R6
Front brakes: Yamaha YZF-R6 w/Galfer stainless lines
Rear wheel: Stock Nighthawk
Tires: Mild dual sport OR aggressive dual sport
Shocks: Progressive Suspension 444 OR OPTIONAL 970 piggybacks
Tank: XS650-style reproduction
Intake: Custom dual-unit mesh
Exhaust: 4-into-1 with stainless cone muffler
Seat: Custom made in black leather or weather-resistant marine vinyl
Rack: Under-seat storage basket OR OPTIONAL under-seat convertible bag
Battery: Shorai Lithium Ion
Accessory outlet: 12-volt socket style
Bars: Low-rise motocross
Chain: DID X-ring (gold)
Gauge: Acewell digital
Compliance: Compact turn signals, taillight, lighted license plate mount, horn, mirror

As you can see, you have a few choices to make. When placing your order, pick the configuration in the OPTIONS menu that best fits what you want. Read on for the version explanations.

The overall design for all versions is the same with some changeable elements — namely tires, storage and rear suspension.

PRICE: $17,000 USD ($17,650 with Progressive 970 upgrade)
This configuration's distinguishing features are mild dual-sport tires and a rugged, steel under-seat storage basket. The bin is perfect for items roughly the size of a backpack. The standard 12-volt power supply is conveniently located nearby so you can charge your stuff while it rides along under your seat.

PRICE: $17,650 ($18,300 with Progressive 970 upgrade)
This one also has mild dual sport tires, but instead of the under-seat rack, it features an amazingly cool bag that suspends from hooks under the seat. The bag is made of rugged waxed canvas with brown leather accents. We designed it with our master thread wizard Roy Baird, who figured out how to make all our requests a reality. The bag is made up of two separate zipper compartments that allow it to fold out flat over your shoulder like a desert bandito. It also has a handle for carrying like a tool bag, and a shoulder strap. Handmade right here in Richmond, Virginia.

PRICE: $17,000 USD ($17,650 with Progressive 970 upgrade)
This is a knobby-tire variant of Version 1 — aggressive dual sport tires with standard under-seat basket.

PRICE: $17,650 ($18,300 with Progressive 970 upgrade)
This one is the knobby-tire variant of Version 2 — aggressive dual sport tires with custom under-seat bag, as described above.

The other choices available allow you to add Progressive 970 Series piggyback shocks to any of the versions above. NOTE: to keep this listing from getting unruly, we pictured the versions above with 970 shocks. Black Progressive 444 Series adjustables are standard. They are awesome. The 970 shocks, however, are sublime. If you want to add them to your build, make the appropriate selection in the OPTIONS menu.

As is the case with all Classified Moto Build Queues, this one is based on a pretty tight design and range of options. This allows us to offer a tasty Classified bike in limited amounts without having to charge one-off prices. As much as we love designing and working on motorcycles, we've had to refine the process for the health of our business and sanity. This route seems to be working great. That said, if you want to inquire about a particular unadvertised mod or spec, let us know and we'll accommodate if we can.

Estimated build time is 5-12 months and varies depending on your place in the queue. In other words, if you get spot number one, your build time will take closer to five months. Spot number eight will take closer to 12 months). If you absolutely have to have your bike sooner than advertised, we can discuss a rush arrangement.

Hopefully it's been made clear that the $500 Build Request fee is simply a deposit to secure your place in the queue. Once you have paid your $500 Request fee, you will need to be prepared to put down half of the balance immediately (officially, within two weeks). That should give us plenty of time to work out any build particulars and payment arrangements. The $500 fee will be credited back to your build. However, if you simply change your mind and don’t want to proceed with the build, or don’t put your half-down deposit as agreed, you will forfeit the $500 and your build will be canceled.

Assuming your build continues as planned, the remaining balance will be due in two equal installments at the midpoint and end of the build.

You can probably tell these stipulations are based on past experiences. We don’t want to sound like bankers here, but we need to make sure we’re all on the same page.

SHIPPING: Shipment of the completed bike is ultimately the responsibility of the buyer. Domestic rates, in our experience, rarely exceed $700. Your mileage may vary. International purchasers will need to be familiar with any tax/tariff/customs regulations that deal with importing a custom motorcycle from the USA. We will help in any way we can, but again, responsibility is with the buyer. We are located in Richmond, Virginia, USA, if you’d like to get initial quotes through the shipper of your choice.

FINAL THOUGHTS BEFORE YOU BUY: Clearly, this is a serious purchase for a particular kind of enthusiast. Please just think it through before making your decision. And if you have questions, feel free to contact us to clarify.

Thanks, and we hope to have you in the saddle very soon.

For info, contact Or call 804.912.1602.

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