Scavenger Run Poster


Imagine it's Halloween. And it's also Friday the 13th. That's not even possible, but picture a scene of abject horror, but also great fun and festiveness. And terrifying. But not like a haunted pumpkin patch — like afraid-for-your-life terrifying. But super fun.

That was the ill-fated and infamous Classified Moto Scavenger Run some years ago here in the capital of the old South, Richmond, Virginia. It was an event so secret that if not for hundreds of these high-visibility 18 x 24 posters printed on nice, thick paper and plastered all over the city, no one would have ever known such an event was happening.

What started as a semi-ironic moto gathering of hipsters, rednecks, frat boys and party girls turned into an all-out fight for survival with stakes higher than anyone could have known.

I know what you're thinking. "I went on a scavenger hunt with my church group in middle school. It wasn't so bad." Well, I bet that list of items didn't include a freaking human [EDITED FOR CONTENT] or a gallon of [EDITED FOR CONTENT]! Did your youth counselor award extra points if you branded your own [EDITED FOR CONTENT] with a piece of red-hot rebar? Sit down.

Even years later, the whereabouts of many teams who participated are still unknown. We still don't know what went wrong. We wonder what could make that guy's bladder explode so hard. So many unanswered questions.

From a business standpoint, we can now agree that Classified Moto should not have sponsored this event. However, we are lucky to have worked with award-winning designer Anthony Menez on the sweet poster you see here.

Stamped for authenticity. Probably cursed.

Shipped in a big fat tube so it doesn't get squashed.