Moto Melee Poster


Remember that time Classified Moto sponsored an underground no-holds-barred two-wheeled battle royale race across America? Well, it's kind of foggy for us, too. But as we recall, the year was 1979 and the country was hungry for adventure — dangerous, lawless, irresponsible adventure fueled by speed and fuel and irresponsibleness. And speed.

On a sunny Sunday evening in Southern California, a few hundred moto gladiators and gladiatettes fired up their machines and careened out of view under a canopy of rockets and laser beams. Five of the greatest rock bands of all time each played their biggest hit songs at the same time while President Jimmy Carter made a heartfelt plea to end the race peacefully — but ended up joining it.

Everybody was kung-fu fighting.

The bulk of the field crashed out before clearing the LA county line, while others fought valiantly state after state, the law hot on their trail. In the end, just four competitors crossed the finish line here in Richmond, Virgina. They arrived three weeks apart from one another, and most of the welcoming committee had left by then. We just dumped the prize money on the picnic table here at the shop so we're not sure who claimed it.

Today, all that remains of the legendary event is a handful of 18 x 24 posters printed on nice, heavy uncoated paper, stamped for authenticity and very much suitable for framing.

Shipped in a big fat tube so it doesn't get squashed.

Grab your little piece of history now.