Mini Moto Lamp


Ever since people began hitting the road on two wheels, they've been breaking expensive parts — including the mother of all high-dollar hardware, the transmission.

Think of the Mini Moto Lamp as the silver lining on some poor bike's dark cloud. Simple and elegant in an art deco-meets-RoboCop kind of way, these little lamps are made of a transmission shaft and gear (or combination of gears), welded, drilled and fitted with top quality vintage style Bakelite hardware. And at just under a hundred bucks, they're — well, uh — they're cheaper than more expensive lamps?

Anyway, these lamps stand 12" tall on average and take a regular sized lightbulb. They come equipped with a standard two-way switch and 8-foot cord.

As with pretty much everything we make at Classified, each one is different from the next. And chances are if you need a super exact clone of the one in the picture, you might be waiting awhile. If you're even a little flexible, we'll have one of these sweet, handcrafted specimens to you in 3-4 weeks.

When you order you can also specify "more weathered" or "less weathered" and we'll match you up accordingly. Generally, the transmission parts clean up very nicely (like in the photo). Occasionally we'll find pieces that have been lying in a junkyard for years. They have a totally different kind of mojo that some people prefer.

And stay tuned for some custom metal shades made just for this design.

NOTE: We can ship to pretty much any country. If you don't see your country listed, send us an email and we'll add it to the list.