Classified Moto Lamp — Wall mounted


It took some figuring out, but we figured it out. It's the same iconic Classified Moto lamp, only now it's hanging on your favorite wall. What is the world coming to?

Just like our other lamps, these are made to order using available parts from salvaged Japanese motorbikes. The base is made from a brake rotor and ranges between 8.5" and 12" in diameter. The vertical section is made from a shock absorber and spring.

The components are likely to have traveled many thousands of miles in the good old days, so some dings and scratches are present. That's the idea. However, we give them our signature Classified finish that makes these road-weary spares look downright elegant.

These spiffy little guys are high in character and feature quality bakelite hardware with 8-foot cord. Please note that the shade is not included.

Please allow a four to six week turnaround time. Rush items are available for an additional fee.

The lamp in the picture is an example, not the actual lamp you'll get. But as always, we post the parts we select for your lamp on a special blog — — allowing you to stop the presses if you're not loving the look.

Upon placing your order, let us know if you have any direction for us and we'll do our best to match you up with parts that fit the bill. As with our other lamps, we'll post pics online of the parts we choose for your lamp. Soon after you order, you can check where you'll see parts for all the lamps we're working on, individually labeled by owner. If you don't like what you see, let us know. Keep in mind that the photos will show the parts in their pre-Classified state. Ignore the grease and dirt.

Can't you just picture one of these next to your side of the bed?

PLEASE NOTE: Shade is not included.