Classified Moto Camshaft Lamp


Here's another spin on vintage parts lighting. This sleek and simple lamp combines a well-used brake rotor with a vintage Japanese camshaft. Those who know bikes will get it right away. Those who don't will just think it's a killer lamp.

Here at Classified Moto we love rescuing old parts from rusting away in the salvage yard. We clean and polish each part to a handsome finish while leaving dings, nicks and scratches as signs of the lamp's glory days on the road.

Upon placing your order, let us know if you have any direction for us and we'll do our best to match you up with parts that fit the bill. As with our other lamps, we'll post pics online of the parts we choose for your lamp. Soon after you order, you can check where you'll see parts for all the lamps we're working on, individually labeled by owner. If you don't like what you see, let us know. Keep in mind that the photos will show the parts in their pre-Classified state. Ignore the grease and dirt.

Generally, these lamps are taller than the original Classified Moto Lamp. You probably need two for your bedside or end tables, right?

Turnaround time is generally three weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: Shade is not included, but we do offer them for sale.