Classified Lineup Poster


If only there were a way to look at 17 sweet Classified Moto builds all at once. Surely that's impossi... OH WAIT! There's this!

Treat yourself (or your moto-lovin' better half) to this simple, yet strangely mesmerizing print. Then sit back and feel the satisfaction. Sure maybe there's one or two bikes that you're just not feeling, but chances are, they're offset by all the other awesome ones.

Ricky's famous SuperStrada is present and accounted for. Katee's KT600. The iconic XV920-R6. A couple of Norman's choice rides are in the mix. This is eye candy for those sweet eyes of yours. So get this sucker and look. Just look at it every day, long and hard.

Printed on some really nice matte-finish heavy paper, this 18 x 24 poster features the photographic mastery of our friend and mysterious stranger Adam Ewing. He's been shooting our bikes from the beginning, and his work never ceases to amaze.

We're already working on the second version to record for posterity the rest of our projects.

Stamped for authenticity, extra sweetness and good luck.

Shipped in a big fat tube so it doesn't get squashed.